Gay Teachers.

At work I mentioned to someone that I would need to find a job once the summer was over. Working at the ferries is seasonal, only lasting until September, or October at the latest. Most of the older women at the ferries who work in the office are teachers. I jokingly mentioned to one that I’d be her assistant, and she jokingly responded, “you can’t work with kids.” And the sad part is, I completely agree.

Being gay and working with children, at least in my mind, is simply too dangerous. Too many people already have it in their minds that all homosexuals are sick, predatory pedophiles just waiting to get their hands on kids. According to some, having a gay teacher in charge of a classroom full of 20 to 30 young children is like letting the wolf guard the sheep. It’s this unfair line of thought that kept me away from child education.

And it’s not to say that only homosexuals have something to worry about when teaching young children. A number of straight teachers have found themselves steeped in controversy and their reputations ruined because of untrue accusations from their students. It’s a real problem in this country. But I also believe that gay teachers have a little more to worry about because, as mentioned before, some parents have it in their mind that homosexuals are nothing more than sex-crazed child molesters. It’s untrue and it’s a gross stereotype, but it exists. Whether the child accused the teacher or not, the simple fact that the teacher was gay would most likely cause controversy.

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